Business Information Center

DHA Stockton Boulevard


The BIC’s primary objective is to provide the educational and technical assistance to self-employed CalWORKs recipients, and to those who want to become self employed.

Our services and resources will enable them to increase the profitability of their self-employment efforts to a level that will allow them to be self-sufficient.

 Our small business educational services are also opened to the general public. The BIC promotes entrepreneurship as an investment in our local business economy that will result in the creation of new jobs locally that can be filled by our CalWORKs participants and other low-income residents in our service area.

Additionally, in our collaborative partnerships the BIC is able to raise awareness of other DHA programs, such as the Community Work Experience Program and the JobLINK (Employment Services) Program.

Linking these services result in referrals to these programs and job opportunities for our public assistance recipients.